Endurance Timing and Ride Management

FEI Certified Service Provider

Accurate Timing Solutions for Competitive Endurance Events


We pride ourselves on our accurate and reliable technology, which is designed to provide real-time data to help you make informed decisions. Leading Technology Innovator in the sport and First company to launch a Mobile Application to provide live results, updates.


Our technology is reliable and trusted by top equestrian organizing committees around the world. We use the latest technology to ensure that our services are always up-to-date and provide real-time data that is accurate and reliable.


FEI Certified Service Provider for Endurance Discipline.
Certification ID: GY41X919AKSI
Used in top tier competitions including WEC-2012 Euston Park, World Young & Junior Riders Championship 2017, Verona Italy, WEG-Tryon 2018, EUCH – Euston Park 2019

Modular and Cost effective


  • HIGH THROUGHPUT AND PERFORMANCE – 700 + horses on a day
  • ACTIVE RFID technology – high reliability even under extreme conditions (Thunder Storm .., Interference due to fluids , human body and other horses)
  • LONG RANGE – Only service provider who offers to time the Finish Line (over 50m length)
  • No need for paper trail, all relevant data available electronically (Real Time)
  • Tawqeet Mobile Application and Website provide real time view of the ride and results
  • Users can also set notifications on individual horses that they are interested in
  • TABLET based electronic recording of Vet parameters
  • Integrated with the Vet Heart Rate monitor for automatic capture of heart rate
  • Enables quick data capture and speeds up the results workflow
  • Integrates with the Electronic Timing system to implement effective queue and lane management
  • Wireless Handheld Electronic Heart Rate monitor for use by Vets during the Ride for measuring heart rates of the horses
  • Highly accurate and quick sensing mechanism that detects the pulse and implements the FEI protocol for the heart rate measurement
  • The test is streamed LIVE on a public LED display for spectator engagement and transparency. Wireless operation provides flexibility to the Vet in case the horse moves around
  • The final heart rate is automatically interfaced into the electronic timing system and electronic vet cards for progressing the system workflows
  • The handhelds can be Calibrated using a Calibration tool at the start of the ride by the Officials.
  • Overcrowding and Gamesmanship is a problem for Officials and OC’s alike
  • Tawqeet has implemented a 2-Stage Queuing mechanism which allows unparalleled throughput and speed of processing of horses arriving at the Vet Gates
  • Delays are detected and automatically handled by applying penalties
  • Provides excellent control for the Ride Officials and Jury members to control the critical periods of the ride
  • Queue and Lane assignments are electronic and built into the workflow
  • Tawqeet Tracking available since 2017
  • Used in Competitive World Championships around the world
  • Available on Web and Mobile
  • Highly Integrated with the Timing Service and provides a unique holistic view of the ride
  • The highlight is the “Leader Board” that provides the relative position of the riders across all stages and forecasts critical parameters such as the estimated time of arrival
  • Runs on a very Scalable, Open platform
  • Redundancy built into the instance with nearly no data loss
  • Uninterrupted operation for 3 hours in the event of a power failure
  • Uninterrupted operation of critical ride functions in the event of Internet outage
  • Highly scalable web and mobile platform
  • Cloud deployment is supported